Before entering the wonderful world of stills photography, I have had (and am still enjoying!) a long and successful career in the world of film and television design working on hundreds of projects for an incredibly diverse selection of clients.

I have been the in-house head of promo design, motion graphics and editing for Highflyer Productions for 8 years exclusively designing, editing and producing all of the title sequences, graphics, promos and commercials for several brands including Channel 4 Sport, Channel 4 Racing, Racing UK, Turf-TV, Racing World and many other channel providers. You can see over 100 promos I created during this time here.

Previous to working at Highflyer I have been the Head of Graphics and Special Effects at NATS Post Production – one of the largest facilites in Soho (for 3 Years) and Head of Compositing and Graphics at The Station Post Production (for 4 years) creating many promos, commercials, Broadcast TV and a few film projects with clients including MTV, Universal Music, Jamiroquai and Van Morrison.

I've spent three terms teaching at the National Film and Television school in Beaconsfield (which I fit around my freelance work), lecturing the final year students the principles of compositing, grading and finishing their projects. 

I have created award winning tutorials of techniques I have pioneered in the fields of fluid dynamic simulation in 3D and manipulation of dynamic simulation. I have stayed abreast of every major technique used in video production for over 15 years to a very high level of detail (including camera solving and compositing, fluid dynamics, Deep compositing, Complex Keying, and High Dynamic Range Grading).

But now it is time to bring all of these skills and experience as a designer and compositor behind the camera where I hope to create incredible imagery for everyone and anyone who needs to tell a story, sell an idea or demonstrate their love for whatever their passion may be.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.

Ian McGlasham.

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